Titanfall 2 War Games update is live, and here are the patch notes

Titanfall 2 gets its newest content update today in the form of War Games, which, as we've already learned, adds two new maps and—importantly—a third weapon slot for Pilots. But now we've got patch notes, which explain what other changes are being ushered in other than cool new features.

There are more Private Match settings now, with players able to choose score and time limits, whether Pilot boosts are available, and other more granular customisations. Meanwhile, the Evac ship will "now leave immediately once all living players are onboard", meaning it'll be harder for the opposing team to shoot you out of the sky.

There's a new Easter Egg in the Glitch map too, which will probably be found and posted online in about three seconds flat. Other changes are smaller and less consequential: the CTF HUD has been optimised, and Amped Weapons now have reduced damage and a 30 second timer. There's also a list of miscellaneous bug fixes, which include:

  • Fixed exploit on Exoplanet where players could get under the map.
  • Fixed bug where stealing a battery from a rodeo would not give player any Titan meter.
  • Fixed issue in CTF where the flag would appear to be unreturnable.
  • Fixed issue with Legion shield not appearing sometimes.
  • Fixed a couple spots on Eden where Pilots were able to hide inside geometry.
  • Fixed issue with Tone where reload would happen during her execution.
  • Fixed issue where Ronin Prime execution played wrong audio.
  • Addressed issue where Pilots couldn’t enter evac while in phase state when using Phase Shift. The trigger to enter the evac will now be activated when the player exits phase state.
  • Monarch no longer gets two Electric Smokes when using her Upgrade Core.

For the full patch notes, click on over here.

Shaun Prescott

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