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THQ's Humble Bundle has made over $5 million

Many were surprised when THQ announced their Humble Bundle because, you know, they're a huge evil publisher and not "indie" in the slightest. Still, they are in fairly dire financial straits, and given the value of what they were offering - at least four AAA titles for as little as $1 - who's complaining? The campaign turned out to be quite a success for the publisher, as it's gone on to make a grand total of $5,097,376.36, resulting from 885,285 sales. That means that not everyone opted to pay the minimum fee for these titles which is... really quite nice of them.

The publisher is after email addresses on the Humble Bundle website for what could potentially be forthcoming humble bundles. Better still, if want a game for free, then you could always get Metro 2033 .

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