This week's GTA Online update finally lets you steal the Cayo Perico panther statue

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Every Thursday, GTA Online gets a new set of sales and bonuses—the latter usually in the form of a reward multiplier for completing one of its myriad activities. This week, though, Rockstar is doing something a little different: offering a one-time, guaranteed chance at the golden panther statue in the Cayo Perico heist.

Cayo Perico has been GTA Online's most profitable endeavour since its release last year. But how much you make depends on which primary target appears in Juan Strickler's vault. The options range from a bottle of Sinsimito Tequila, which will net players a share of $900,000, up to a Pink Diamond worth $1.3 million.

Above that, though, datamining revealed the existence of the golden panther statue, and its $1.9 million pay-out. The problem: it wasn't available in the game. Until now.

The statue will now appear as the primary target the first time you scope out Cayo Perico island this week—although, if you've not done the heist before, you'll need to do a full run to steal the Madrazo Files first. It's worth discovering the statue even if you're not planning to complete the heist this week. As long as you've found it during the intel mission, it should remain as the target until you're ready to run the heist proper.

Once you're done pilfering the game's most lucrative prize, we've rounded up all the other best ways to make money in GTA Online—including the Nightclub, which is also on sale this week.


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