This week in PC gaming: Final Fantasy 14's story continues, Shadow Man: Remastered releases

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New releases - April 11 to April 17

April 15

Shadow Man: Remastered - 90's horror revival

Godstrike - Boss rush bullet hell

Rain On Your Parade - Cute, silly puzzler

April 16

Emily Is Away 3 - Social media story game

Events- April 11 to April 17

Final Fantasy 14 patch 5.5 release - April 13  

A major Final Fantasy 14 patch is hitting on April 13. It's got a big dump of the usual MMO stuff we all know and love. A new Nier raid, a new dungeon, and so on. But the most important stuff is story-related. 5.5 sees a new bunch of story missions, the first half of the final chapter in Shadowbringer's full arc leading into the next expansion, Endwalkers. 

Magic The Gathering: Arena Strixhaven set release - April 15 

Magic's 87th expansion Strixhaven is hitting the digital Arena version too, a set based on instants and spells matter that visually pulls from the Magic School genre. It's Harry Potter, if Hogwarts was founded by an Elder Dragon. Was it? Wow, already failing wizard kindergarten. Strixhaven is out April 15th.  

James Davenport

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