This War of Mine charity DLC helps 350 young lives

This War of Mine

This War of Mine's charity DLC, created to benefit War Child, has raised enough money to help 350 children adversely affected by the ongoing war in Syria.

11 Bit Studios made the announcement on its blog, pointing out that 350 children displaced to Iraq and Jordan as a result of the conflict in Syria can now receive "psycho social support to recover from trauma, child friendly spaces: to make sure War Child can reach a child before someone else does, informal education: school fees, livelihood support, teacher training and others," thanks to War Child.

The DLC simply added new street art to This War of Mine, but it seems us gamers are indeed a charitable bunch - even if there aren't extra levels (or even hats) on offer. A breakdown of notable stats is available in lovely infographic form too, if you like that sort of thing.

This War of Mine, a war game that focuses on the civilians rather than the soldiers, was well received when we turned a critical eye to it late last year, where our reviewer described it as "important, but unrelentingly cruel".