This Twitch channel is like ASMR for PC builders

Artesian Builds pc building Twitch stream
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We're all into PC building for more than the final product. At least I know that's why I'm into it—I spent my first few months with my gaming PC with the side panel off just tinkering with the damn thing. PC building is satisfying, mechanical, and a hobby unto itself. If you think the same thing, then perhaps you'll enjoy this Twitch channel: a boutique PC building company simply building PCs.

Artesian Builds (opens in new tab) is a custom system builder that goes by the channel name artesianbuilds (opens in new tab) on Twitch. It's just a couple of people answering questions while they build a PC, piece by piece.

On screen you'll see the parts being used for that day's particular build, so you could use it as a way to fine-tune your build ideas. It's also a great place to take notes as to how to piece a PC together. After all, watching someone go through the steps makes you realise just how easy it can be to build one for yourself.

It's also perhaps your best chance to see an RTX 30-series installation for yourself this side of Christmas.

So if PC Building Simulator isn't quite scratching the itch, or if you just fancy watching someone do all the hard work for you, perhaps this soothing stream will fit the bill.

Jacob Ridley
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