This super-budget gaming laptop is only $500 at Best Buy today

This super-budget gaming laptop is only $500 at Best Buy
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The ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop FX505DD is on sale right at Best Buy for only $500, $250 off its normal price. That's the cheapest we've found online for this configuration. The TUF Gaming Laptop FX505DD has got an AMD Ryzen 5, 8GB Memory, 256GB SSD with a GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. While not a graphical powerhouse, you can still play popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends on low-medium settings with a manageable frame-rate at 1080p. The GTX 1050 is outdated but if you're on a budget, and absolutely need a laptop, it's not too shabby of a system for $500. 

This one is perfect if you're a student or if you have a kid who really wants a gaming laptop, but you don't have the money for one of the best gaming laptops or they simply can't trusted around your precious portable PC. These TUF systems are designed for those gamers (like myself) who tend to be a little rough with their precious hardware. It can take a beating and can handle a drop or two. Its TUF, get it? Perfect for a younger gamer.

Fair warning: if you do end up giving this laptop to your child, it'll be roughly two hours before they're better than you at all your favorite games, so be ready for that.

ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop FX505DD |Geforce GTX 1050 | $499.99 (save $250)

ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop FX505DD |Geforce GTX 1050 | $499.99 (save $250)
Looking for a budget gaming laptop that can actually take a beating? Best Buy has a got a good deal on a TUF Gaming Laptop for only $500.  

While many budget laptops are in this kind of price range, the TUF is actually built to be a steady performer at a low price, so it's a good option. If you don't pick this up, there will be plenty of laptops in the Black Friday deals this November, but you probably don't want to wait that long...

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