This Starfield gun is awesomely OP, and you can get it very early on

A futuristic cowboy pointing a gun
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As a Starfield space cowboy I'm always on the lookout for a fancy new revolver, rifle, or shotgun, and early on in my run through Bethesda's RPG I got my hands on a real beauty. 

It's a pistol called Elegance, and once I started blastin' away with it, I knew I had something special. It just shreds enemies. Humans, robots, turrets, angry alien creatures: Elegance will tear through them like they're tissue paper, even if they're 10 or 20 levels above your own. It feels like the gun completely ignores an enemy's armor—because that's exactly what it does.

The best part is you can have this awesome gun in your holster almost as soon as you begin playing Starfield. You'll need some cash, though, because it's not something you find, it's something you buy.

Elegance, rare pistol

A futuristic pistol

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Location: Rowland Arms, Akila City, Akila
Cost: 18,244

  • Shattering: Break through even the strongest armor
  • Reflex Sight
  • Suppressor
  • Penetrator Rounds
  • High Powered
  • Binary Trigger

Once you've made it through the tutorial and given your artifact to Constellation in the city of New Atlantis, open up the star map. With Alpha Centauri in the center of the screen, scroll out and the system named Cheyenne will appear in the upper right corner of your screen. Select it, and in solar system view, look for the planet Akila, the second planet from the star. Once you're zoomed in to the planet, spin it until you see the landing site for Akila City.

After setting down on Akila City, run into town and keep your eyes out on the left-hand side of the main road for a building called Rowland Arms. It's a weapon shop (one of several in Akila), and there you can purchase Elegance. It's pretty pricey for a new character, costing just over 18,000 credits, but if you've been careful to collect and save all the extra stuff you've come across since starting the game, you should be able to sell enough junk to buy it right then and there.

And it's worth it! I think it's mostly do to Elegance's 'shattering' attribute, which punches right through armor, because a few well-placed shots quickly take down human enemies, turrets, and robots, even when they were way, way above my level. If you level up your pistol skill it won't be long before you're doing ridiculous amounts of damage with each shot, too. And since it's suppressed, you'll do extra damage to enemies who haven't detected you. Combined with Elegance's shockingly fast firing rate, you'll be dropping powerful enemies before they've even had a chance to draw a bead on you.

The only drawback is its small mag size, which means you'll have to reload often, so make those first few shots count. But hey, no gun is perfect. Elegance is darn close, though.


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