This Skyrim mod turns all the dragons into the actual state of Ohio

Skyrim Ohio dragon mod
(Image credit: Pastaspace)

For years, I've had one major complaint about Skyrim. Sure, the ageless and vengeful dragons that haunt its skies and terrorise its villages are intimidating, but they lack a certain down-home appeal. They can cook me to the bones, but can they cook me a toothsome bowl of Skyline Chili? I think not.

That changes today. The 'All Dragons All Ohio' mod from Trainwiz is finally here to fulfil all of our homespun dreams by converting every last one of Skyrim's dragons into the literal state of Ohio.

Thrill as the Buckeye State crashes to the ground and roasts your allies! Marvel at the irony of the birthplace of aviation putting so many people in the ground! Try to avoid being crushed beneath the terrible weight of Greater Cleveland!

In case there's any confusion (though I can't imagine why there would be), Trainwiz helpfully includes an FAQ on the mod page. The obvious question, "Why do the dragons turn into another Ohio when they die instead of Florida?" has an equally obvious answer: "Florida is a kind of Ohio".

It's a ridiculous and brilliant thing, and will surely join the ranks of luminaries like the mod that replaces all the dragons with Macho Man Randy Savage, or the one that turns them all into Thomas the Tank Engine. Or any of the innumerable useful, cool, or just plain bizarre content that populates our guide to the best Skyrim mods of 2022. It's great that 11 years after release, Skyrim is still such a potent canvas for the most baffling content on the internet.

Joshua Wolens
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