This powerful 750W PSU is on sale for $45 after rebate

The best power supply unit for your build doesn't have to cost a fortune, especially since deals pop up on them often. Such is the case today. Over at Newegg, you can snag a Corsair CX Series 750W model for $44.99.

That's the price after a $15 mail-in-rebate. Factoring that in, you're saving half off this PSU's MSRP, and $25 off its street price. (Amazon has it on sale for $69.99.)

Corsair 750W PSU | 80 Plus Bronze | $44.99 after MIR (save $45)
Buy at Newegg

Corsair 750W PSU | 80 Plus Bronze | $44.99 after MIR (save $45)
This 750W power supply unit offers more than enough wattage for most builds, including high-end ones with a single GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. This is about as low as it gets for a 750W unit from a reliable manufacturer. Buy at Newegg

Shopping for a PSU is not as exciting as, say, buying a new graphics card, but it can be equally as important. Generally speaking, you should stick to trusted brands (of which Corsair qualifies) and look for 80 Plus certification. 

This one is 80 Plus Bronze certified, which means it's 85 percent efficient on a 50 percent load. In layman's terms, the higher the efficiency rating, the less energy gets wasted as heat. (For more info, our friends at TomsHardware have a nice breakdown of 80 Plus certifications.)

If you're curious how much wattage you need, there are several online PSU calculators that can give you a rough estimate, such as this one by OutVision. Generally speaking, a 750W PSU is enough for a high-end PC build.

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