This Planet Coaster map is both a working theme park and a playable Monopoly game

If you've ever found yourself asking whether you should spend a night either building a theme park or playing a game of Monopoly, I've got two pieces of news. First, that's a really weird question to ask yourself, and second, you no longer need to ask it. Modder Chant has devised an exceedingly clever Planet Coaster park on a giant Monopoly game board, and it's not just for looks. It's an actual functioning Monopoly game scenario with custom rules you can play while you build your park. Check out the trailer above.

The park already has an entrance and some rides and shops built in the center—after downloading it from the Steam Workshop and loading it up, I saw that guests were already arriving. Giant monopoly game pieces (top hat, battleship, ironing board, etc.) are clustered on the starting square. Just select your piece and roll the dice. Yep, there's working dice, too: they are housed in a giant box that looks like a die at the corners of the board. You activate it, the top of the die opens, and your dice rolls are generated and displayed inside. It's really cool:

When you land on a square (by moving your game piece), complete the challenge listed there. It might be something like "Start a marketing campaign" or "Build a bundle of balloons in front of every Loony Bloons shop" or to build and connect a new ride. When you've completed the task, you can place a star coin (also movable objects) on the designated spot on the game square. 

So, you move around the board and complete challenges, and along the way you're building up your theme park. You win by achieving all star coin challenges, paying off your debts, and earning all the houses and hotels. Yes, there are houses and hotels, too.

There are even Chance cards! They're cleverly hidden under the Chance squares, so when you land on one you can pull one out (and then discard it when you've completed the instructions). There is, of course, a Get Out Of Jail Free card.

The park, the map, and the game within the game are all really cleverly imagined and executed. If you forget the rules, no worries, they're posted in the park itself. You can find this amazing Monopoly park in Planet Coaster's Steam Workshop. I've also embedded a trailer that shows off the park below.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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