This nifty case with a transparent LCD panel is on sale for $149

This nifty case with a transparent LCD side window is on sale for $149
(Image credit: iBuyPower)

There are plenty of unique computer cases on the market, but iBuyPower's Snowblind Element separates itself from the pack with a transparent 19-inch LCD side panel with a 1024x1280 resolution to both show off your PC and display various graphics. It's a little bit trippy, and it's half off right now.

This is one of those cases where words alone don't do it justice, you need to actually see it in action. To help with that, iBuyPower put together a video showcasing its Snowblind series. Have a watch:

Pretty neat, right? The Snowblind Element is based on NZXT's S340 mid-tower, which is a good starting point. Unlike a regular S340, however, the side panel on the Element can display custom images, meters, and video wallpapers to give your setup a distinctive look.


iBuyPower Snowblind Element Case | Transparent LCD Windows | $149 (save $150)
What started off as an NZXT S340 morphed into a Snowblind Element, with a customizable transparent LCD side panel. If you want a case that stands out from the crowd, this is it.

Priced at $299 (MSRP), the Element is normally a tough sell, even with the nifty side panel. That's why this deal is so enticing—it puts the case within reach of more reasonable budgets. I didn't have a bead on this one during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but according to a thread on Reddit (fist-bump for the heads up on this deal), it dropped to $129 during the former and $200 during the latter.

This deal sees the price nearly match its Black Friday discount. If you're looking for something different, the Element definitely fits the bill. Otherwise, check out our picks of the best PC cases for other other recommended options.

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