This Minecraft mod lets you build a PC in-game, and yes, Doom works

(Image credit: Microsoft | Modder: delta2force)
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How do you wind down in Minecraft after a busy day spent punching trees, spelunking for rare materials and fending off Creeper mobs? Whatever it is you do (and really, I want to know), you can now add "play Doom" to the list, because with the help of a new mod, retro PC gaming has come to Minecraft.

VM Computers (opens in new tab), created by modder delta2force (opens in new tab), uses VirtualBox (opens in new tab) to boot operating systems ranging Windows 95 through to Windows 98 inside Minecraft. Once you've installed the mod, you'll need to actually order your PC in-game. It sounds complicated, but it's not: you'll simply need to craft an "ordering tablet" and then wait for an in-game satellite to orbit into your game. This satellite appears five times during an in-game day, and it's how you'll secure your Minecraft PC. Full instructions are here (opens in new tab).

I haven't done it myself, but others have. Take for instance reddit user uDrunkMate, who did the rest of us a huge favour by demonstrating that Doom 1993 does, indeed, run in Minecraft:

I played DOOM in Minecraft with VMComputers mod. from r/Minecraft

It's a neat trick, but frankly, the fact that Doom can now run in Minecraft comes as no surprise: you can play Doom on a printer, an oscilloscope, an ATM, and even inside itself (opens in new tab).

Cheers, The Verge (opens in new tab).

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