This Metal Gear Solid mod gives Snake an intimidating banana

(Image credit: Konami/Lakitouille)

If you're still upset about Snake not sneaking into Tekken 7, this wonderful mod might cheer you up and inspire you to fire up Metal Gear Solid 5 again. It gives Snake a banana. 

That's it. 

It's not a deadly banana. Just a fruit rich in potassium. In Snake's hands, however, even a banana can be a powerful tool. 

(Image credit: Konami/Lakitouille)

While the banana is not the kind that shoots bullets, it comes with its own accessory (a jacket), and its shape means it's easily mistaken by intimidated soldiers for a gun. It's also much healthier than the other things Snake brings with him on missions. Unless he tries to smoke it. 

If you add the tasty snack to your loadout, it will replace your water pistol.

Fraser Brown
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