This Grand Theft Auto 3 mod brings Game Boy Advance GTA to PC

I love the Grand Theft Auto mod scene—particularly the hobbyist projects that reach into the series' back catalogue. To this end, Xrtist//'s incoming Grand Theft Auto Advance PC Port brings 2004's Grand Theft Auto Advance to GTA 3.

With reworked colours, location and asset tweaks, the mod—due June 1, with a downloadable beta out now—follows the original game's timeline, set after Liberty City Stories but before the event of Grand Theft Auto 3. As such, Toni Cipriani's house remains intact, tunnels are under construction, petrol stations are owned by Gas 'N Go and not AM Petrol Station, and the Callahan bridge is yet to be completed among other things. 

"While creating the new places that only existed in GTA Advance map, I was really careful and chose the places/buildings that are suitable for this, " explains Xrtist// on the mod's ModDB page. "For Johnny's Bar in Red Light, i chose the empty building next to Pay 'N Spray building. I had to use State of Emergency textures for the roads, as its the best and (semi) official source for the blue-ish roads by Rockstar."

Xrtist// adds that the mod contains edited versions of GTA 3's vehicles to better reflect GTA Advance. Likewise, all weapons remain the same, bar the Katana and the Minigun.  

"There are 41 story missions and they are really similar to GTA 3's," adds Xrtist//, "so I'm hoping i will quickly re-make a lot of them only editing the existing ones."

Here are some screens which compare the mod to its source:

Again, Grand Theft Auto Advance PC Port is out June 1. Download its beta from its ModDB page

Cheers, DSOGaming


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