This Gigabyte RX 580 8GB is just $210 right now

While prices for high-end cards like the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 have fallen drastically over the past few months, mid-range GPUs like the RX 580 and GTX 1060 are still at (or above) standard retail prices. If you're in the market for an affordable graphics card, the Gigabyte RX 580 8GB is just $209.99 with a mail-in rebate from Amazon.

This card has a core clock of 1380MHz in OC Mode, and 1365MHz in Gaming Mode. The RX 580 is roughly equivalent to a GTX 1060 in terms of performance, and it has 8GB of memory. For input, you get 3 DisplayPort, one HDMI, and one DVI.

You can buy the Gigabyte RX 580 from Amazon. The listed price is $229.99 (which is still a good deal on its own), but if you mail in the $20 rebate, the cost comes down to $209.99.

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Corbin Davenport

Corbin is a tech journalist, software developer, and longtime PC Gamer freelance writer, currently based in North Carolina. He now focuses on the world of Android as a full-time writer at XDA-Developers. He plays a lot of Planet Coaster and Fallout and hosts a podcast all about forgotten stories from tech history.