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This Fortnite stonks skin is not an April Fools' joke

Fortnite Stonks Man Diamond Hanz skin
(Image credit: Epic Games)

On a day where games companies love announcing fake crap, Epic Games has just dropped a very real stonks skin in Fortnite.

The Diamond Hanz outfit is now available for 1,200 V-Bucks and comes with the classic stonks man himself, given a bit of Fortnite flair with some ripped suit trousers and a dishevelled suit jacket. There's also the 'gains' back bling, which of course is a bright orange arrow for the tip on the meme iceberg.

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It's part of the 'To the Moon!' pack, a reference to the phrase used frequently amongst those who dwell in r/wallstreetbets—which more than likely got a cheeky nod thanks to their contributions around the whole GameStop debacle earlier this year.

It seems like the skin's only on the shop for the next 12 hours (as of April 1, of course) so make sure to nab it if you fancy parading around as the stonks man. Fortnite kicked off Season 6 a couple of weeks ago with a primal theme, including a cool cutscene from the Avengers directors and a surprisingly fun Tomb Raider Creative level.

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