This Black Friday deal combo has our favorite gaming mouse plus a headset for under $70

Black Friday Razer mouse and headset and mousepad combo battle bundle
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Razer Battle Bundle | DeathAdder V2 | BlackShark V2 X | Gigantus V2 | $149.99

Razer Battle Bundle | DeathAdder V2 | BlackShark V2 X | Gigantus V2 | $149.99 $67.99 at Best Buy (save $82)
This is a great saving on a decent bundle of Razer's peripherals. The DeathAdder V2, in particular, has sat at the top of our best gaming mouse guide for a long time now, and the headset is a solid budget offering too. Throw in the mouse mat as well, and you've got a great bundle that's enjoying a healthy $80 saving right now. 

If you're on the hunt for a great Black Friday gaming mouse deal, and you're also looking for a sale on a solid gaming headset, you can find both in a single box. The Razer "battle bundle" contains both our favorite gaming mouse and a solid choice for a budget headset sold together. As a bonus, this Black Friday deal even has a mouse pad thrown in, and the bundle only costs $67.99. That's a pretty sweet box!

In this battle bundle, we're mostly excited about the Black Friday mouse deal: The Razer DeathAdder V2 is our top pick for the best gaming mouse and the best wired mouse on the market today, with the best in-class 20,000 CPI sensor, optical click sensors that boost its durability and responsiveness, and an extremely comfortable feel. The side-buttons aren't the best on the DeathAdder V2, but everything else about it is top-notch. (Here's our full DeathAdder V2 review.) 

The gaming headset in the bundle is the Razer Blackshark V2 X, which isn't as great as our favorite, the Blackshark V2, but it's still a solid choice for a budget headset. It's lightweight, has a comfortable fit with nicely cushioned leatherette earpieces, and is pretty good when it comes to noise cancellation. It's basically the V2 without the detachable mic.

With both of these bundled together, plus a Gigantus V2 mousepad with a micro-weave cloth surface and an anti-slip base, its a bunch of nice gaming peripherals that come together in a single package. 

If you know someone who's just getting started with PC gaming, or have a friend or relative who's building or buying a new PC, I think this would make a great gift. As a bonus, even though you've generously bought them three things, you only have to wrap one box.

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