This Acer 24-inch Freesync gaming monitor is just $149 right now

Acer KG241P
(Image credit: Acer)

It's only Monday, but Black Friday deals are arriving in earnest, including this fast 24-inch KG241P monitor from Acer. It's on sale for just $149.99 (save $50) on Newegg right now, and is a great buy if you're not looking to spend a whole lot on a display.

At this price, the KG241P edges out Asus's VG248QE, one of the best gaming monitors (in the 1080p category). The specs between the two are virtually the same—the KG241P has a 1920x1080 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time. This makes it great for esports and games that require fast reaction times. It also supports AMD's Freesync technology to eliminate those annoying screen tears for smoother gameplay.


Acer KG241P gaming monitor | 24 inches | FreeSync | $149.99 on Newegg (save $50)
This is a fantastic price on a fast 1080p display. With a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, the KG241P is a great option for FPS games, driving sims, and esports.

This one is not specifically listed as being G-Sync Compatible, though you can always try your luck enabling G-Sync manually in the Nvidia Control Panel, if you're running a GeForce graphics card. The best G-Sync Compatible FreeSync monitors will enable this mode by default, but that doesn't mean others won't work fine. Since Nvidia only lists monitors that have passed its own criteria, it's not clear if this one has ever been tested, or if Nvidia chose not to qualify it for some reason.

With or without it, though, this is a compelling monitor for the price. It's fast, supports a resolution that is not super taxing on GPU hardware, and is relatively affordable.

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