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There is a new Just Cause 3 patch available

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Just Cause 3 7

Today in short-but-important patch notes: Just Cause 3 version 1.021. Version 1.02 (opens in new tab), though it brought in a load of flashy fixes like "significantly improved loading times" and "optimizations to online stats", broke a few things, and the struggle (opens in new tab) to get Just Cause soaring as it should continues.

1.021 consists of just two unexciting but vital items (opens in new tab):

  • Improved Stability When Exiting To Desktop.
  • Improved Memory Management.

The previous patch introduced a new bug that caused crashes when quitting. Sure that's close to the intended effect but I prefer coming to a smooth halt to wrapping my car around a tree, if you catch my meaning. This is now fixed, supposedly.

Memory issues have been addressed across a "wide range of systems", which is a big step considering how random Just Cause 3's faults appeared to be. Some rigs will feel this improvement more than others.