The Xbox Wireless Headset for only $50 is one of the best pre-Prime Day deals we've spotted

Xbox Wireless Headset
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Xbox Wireless Headset | 40mm driver | 20-20,000Hz | Over-ear | Wireless $100$50 at Walmart (save $50)

 Xbox Wireless Headset | 40mm driver | 20-20,000Hz | Over-ear | Wireless | $100 $50 at Walmart (save $50)
The Xbox Wireless Headset does what we want a headset to do without getting too flashy. Its minimal design and solid stereo sound are a good deal at this price. The absence of an option to connect via a 3.5mm jack, and that the Virtual Surround Sound costs extra, hold it back from being top-tier, however.

Who says you've got to wait for next week's Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals to get a good price on gaming peripherals? Walmart is offering the Xbox Wireless Headset for only $50, which is half its usual price and the cheapest we've seen it since launch.

I really like the unique design of the Xbox Wireless Headset. It features convenient media controls through rotating earcups on each side, which are flat, allowing you to lay them on their side. It may seem like a small thing, but it's the main reason that two years down the road, I still prefer this headset over more expensive gaming headsets.

The headset performs well out of the box, although if you want to make any adjustments or install firmware updates, you'll need to use the Xbox Accessories app. Regarding usefulness, I rate the Xbox Accessories app as 'Not Awful' compared to other apps that handle PC peripherals like HyperX Ngenuity or Razer Synapse.

Since the launch of the $125 Starfield Xbox Wireless Headset a few weeks ago (the same product but with that cool "NASA punk" aesthetic), the regular version has been selling for $80 at retailers instead of its original $100, but it still costs full price direct from Microsoft. Either way, this $50 deal is a new low.

The headset only supports Bluetooth on PC and connects to your Xbox console using a proprietary wireless protocol. This means you can connect the headset to your PC and Xbox console simultaneously without re-pairing it.

Despite its cool design, the headset lacks some standard features in other headsets: There is no 3.5mm jack, and if you want to enjoy virtual surround sound, you'll need to purchase the Dolby Atmos software for a one-time cost of $15. The battery life lasts around 15-25 hours.

We'll probably also see this headset, along with some of the other best wireless gaming headsets, on sale for Prime Day next week. 

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