The Xbox Games Showcase promises to be about 'just games'

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

After a disappointing event back in May, Xbox Games is returning with another showcase next week, and according to marketing boss Aaron Greenberg it's going to be an hour of nothing but games (opens in new tab)

"[T]his show has one focus, games," Greenberg tweeted. "No business, devices or similar news, just games. A whole show about [an] hour long focused on games."

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I'm vaguely interested in the Xbox Series X, but it's the games not the console that are going to be relevant to us here at PC Gamer. There will be some first-looks, more chances to see games we've already seen and, at last, some campaign gameplay from Halo Infinite.

The Xbox Games Showcase is airing on YouTube (opens in new tab), Twitch (opens in new tab), Facebook (opens in new tab) and Twitter (opens in new tab) on July 23 at 5 pm BST/9 am PDT. Ahead of that, professional videogame-liker Geoff Keighley will be hosting a pre-show an hour before on YouTube Gaming. There will be reveals and predictions from "YouTube creators," apparently, along with more details on games that have already been announced.  

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