'Y'all killed it': Survive the Undead, a community-made PvE zombie mode, is bringing players back to Halo Infinite

Team members standing in an underground cave
(Image credit: The Forge Falcons)

A group of community developers and Halo Forge aficionados have created a new PvE mode for Halo Infinite: Survive the Undead, and it's won over old and new players alike. 

"Survive the Undead meshes the Halo Firefight experience with the fan-favorite COD Zombies mode, resulting in fast-paced, intense, and sometimes spooky gameplay," dev team The Forge Falcons says in a blog post. "As we learned in Reach, the objective is to 'survive,' and you want to do that by any means necessary."

This mode is endless and round-based, so if you have the skills and superhuman reactions, you can theoretically keep going forever. The highest record so far has been set at 3,588 total kills lasting 1 hour 39 minutes, with a winning score of 34,090, according to a tweet from The Forge Falcons. Which is a ridiculously impressive feat, to say the least. 

There's also the possibility of more maps being added to Survive the Night. "This playlist allows us to test out new modes (BTB Heavies), new features (new networking model), and get feedback at scale before taking that information back and iterating on it," The Forge Falcons write. "From there, we can address issues and community feedback to get things ready for primetime matchmaking."

Players have been quick to applaud these volunteer devs for their chaotic thrill ride, including gaming YouTuber HiddenXperia, best known for Halo lore deep dives and explainers: "Halo Infinite just added round-based Zombies with a functioning point system, power-ups, mystery box, perk machines, Pack a Punch, wall buys, and more on both a full remake of Nacht from World at War and an original map too. Y'all KILLED IT." 

Plenty more have voiced support, with a few people actually saying that this may be what brings them back to Halo Infinite. "As someone who hasn’t played [Halo] Infinite since my boys quit in 2022, how do I find this map? I love zombies, and I’m downloading this right now to give it a go," one player tweets in response to HiddenXperia's post. 

If you want to give Survive the Undead a try, then don't waste any time because it's only available to play for the next couple of weeks before The Forge Falcons take it down to reassess things and respond to feedback. Luckily, it's pretty easy to find, as Survive the Undead is currently the top playlist in matchmaking. 

While some have pointed out that it is a bit disappointing that the community's left to pick up the pieces of Halo Infinite's unfortunate launch back in 2021, The Forge Falcons' achievement should not be overshadowed because Survive the Undead is on the fast track to becoming a fan-favourite mode.

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