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The Witness' first official trailer is a thing to be seen

Last night's PlayStation conference wasn't all about explosions, shootings, angry dragons , invasions of privacy and whatever it is that David Cage is on. Jonathon Blow also took to the stage to introduce the first proper look at his upcoming first-person puzzler The Witness. You could tell it was the token indie game of the night, what with the colours, and the jaunty recorder soundtrack, and the lack of people being stabbed.

That's a seriously gorgeous island. I'm interested to see whether the puzzles integrate with the exploration in any way, though. As it is, I'm starting to get Myst flashbacks.

Blow announced on stage that the game would be a timed console exclusive for PS4 - sneaky code for "yes, it's also coming to PC." The game's trailer description confirms, saying "This is the first official trailer for the upcoming game The Witness, to be released on the PC, iOS, and PlayStation 4... and eventually, several other platforms." The release date is still pencilled in as "sometime in 2013."

Phil Savage
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