The Watch Dogs 2 launch trailer explains why Marcus Holloway is so mad

Watch Dogs 2 is still a few weeks away from its debut on the PC, but it's coming to consoles early next week and that means it's time for the launch trailer. In it, a group of young, scrappy non-conformists use their unparalleled hacking skills to bring down a corrupt technocracy led by a bearded Ben Affleck caricature with a man-bun. 

I won't break down the action in any great detail because I don't want to spoil the surprise, and also because we've seen plenty of Watch Dogs 2 trailers already, and we should by now have a pretty good idea of what's going on. I do wonder if anyone else finds the opening segment as familiar as I do, though—or am I just imagining the Blues Brothers riff in that flight of the El Camino? 

Maybe it's just me.

Watch Dogs 2 comes to the PC on November 29. The season pass will cost you $40, on top of the $60 for the game, and includes three DLC packs and a pair of character customization bundles.