The War Z's Colorado map size detailed

The War Z

Yesterday, Executive Producer Sergey Titov fed the forumites of brewing open-world zombie MMOFPS The War Z with a duo of screenshots exhibiting the expected scale of a map codenamed "Colorado."

Stretching for around 160-170 square kilometers of terrain, Titov says Colorado covers a massive, zombie-filled zone around the size of DayZ's Chernarus, minus its ocean. The map's expected player count hovers around 130 players for a comfortable session, but at 200 or more, bumping into someone else could occur as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Colorado represents the first of more expansive maps planned for The War Z, says Titov. Multiple maps spanning 150+ square kilometers each? Yes, please.

The War Z

It's still early for in-depth speculation, but The War Z's DayZ overtures are obvious, and they suggest that it aspires for a large-scale emergent experience in the same vein as Arma 2 and its mod. What we do know so far -- 250-player capacity, regular and free content updates, player-run servers, and so on -- speaks of Hammerpoint's grand ambitions. It's natural to wonder if those ambitions are too grand, but a clearer picture of the studio's capabilities should emerge as we get more details. Now to just train myself to stop accidentally writing "The Day Z."

Omri Petitte

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