The Toronto Maple Leafs are really into Fortnite

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Auston Matthews takes a shot at goaltender Frederik Andersen during a warmup. (Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images) (Image credit: Auston Matthews #34 of the Toronto Maple Leafs shoots on Frederik Andersen #31 during warmup before the Leafs face the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Air Canada Centre on February 12, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images))

The revitalized Toronto Maple Leafs are currently third in the NHL's Atlantic division and sixth in the league with a 36-20-5 record as we approach the season's final stretch. But what's their K/D ratio? Speaking in a recent Sportsnet (opens in new tab)interview (watch below), star forward Auston Matthews said his Fortnite skills are "unbelievable."

"I've been playing a lot lately," said Matthews. "Off days, I don't really leave my apartment too much, just because you know, you want to relax, so I've been trying to get better every day in Fortnite, and it's been going pretty well, honestly."

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It's not just Matthews: apparently Fortnite is now a team pastime, replacing Call of Duty. As for who needs to improve most (in Fortnite), Matthews called out starting goaltender Frederik Andersen, who responded by saying that he's a "team player." 

In an extended cut of the locker room interview on TSN (opens in new tab), Mitch Marner agrees with Matthews that Andersen is the worst player, but claims Matthews himself needs work compared to himself and Tyler Bozak.

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Andersen has started 50 games for the Leafs this season, managing 29 wins and 4 OT losses while facing more shots on goal than any other goalie in the league. Maybe the Leafs should take some cues from their Fortnite play and build him a little defense, eh?

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