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The Steam Winter Sale is live!

It's December 22, and that means that Santa isn't here yet—but the 2016 Steam Winter Sale is! 

We already had a pretty good inkling that the big festive Steam Sale lights would be switched on today, but it's just like waking up to all that sweet loot under the tree: We know it's going to happen, but it's still exciting when the actual moment arrives.

Notable deals right off the hop include Doom for $20/£13, Cities: Skylines Deluxe for $10/£7.50, Project CARS for $10 (the UK price hasn't updated yet, sorry), and, oh, let's see, Payday 2 for a fiver. We'll throw more deals into the bottom of this post as we see them.

As always, there's lots more than that, so browse around and you're bound to find something. You can also pick up two Steam trading cards each day by browsing your discovery queue, and don't forget to cast your ballot in the Steam Awards while you're there.

The 2016 Steam Winter Sale is live now (Now!) and runs until 2 pm ET on January 2.