The Steam Game Festival will be a recurring event

(Image credit: Valve)

Valve confirmed today that its Steam Game Festival, originally planned as a way for developers to promote their games among the cancellation of gaming events, will be a permanent fixture in its events lineup, with two more planned for the first half of 2021. 

This was a decision made following "feedback from developers and players alike", which likely included "Man, playing demos for new and upcoming games sure is neat," "Remember when demos were a regular thing you got with your print magazine purchases?" and "How the hell am I supposed to play 900 demos in a single week? I'm a working adult!"

During the last Game Festival back in June, Rachel made a valiant effort to play as many games as possible and discovered some gems, including Grounded, Röki and Going Under. The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition now has an official date, too—from October 7 (10 am PST/6 pm BST) to October 13, you'll once again be able to find new games through the power of the demo. For developers looking to get eyes on their games, sign-ups are still open until August 26.