Quirky office roguelike Going Under launches September 24

(Image credit: Team17)

If you've ever played a roguelike, you've undoubtedly been stuck in huge, cavernous dungeon, underground or in a dank cave filled with grimy monsters out for your blood. Sound familiar? That's what developer Aggro Crab thought and got to work on Going Under, a roguelike set in and around an office.

As unpaid intern Jacqueline, you soon learn that your job isn't all making tea and checking printer cartridges—in her office, you learn to survive. In her fight against 'joblins' and other sinister creatures, Jacqueline grabs anything she can get her hands on to use it as a weapon, be it monitors, cardboard boxes or more traditional equipment such as shortbows.

The company basement is the world of "damned startups", where all those go who couldn't make it work, so you fight failed entrepreneurs and pick up new skills along the way for later runs. Apparently the game also tells the story of how a mighty e-commerce company was able to take over the world, a story so fantastical it's probably not inspired by any real-life events at all.

Going Under has been on our radar for a while, both thanks to its colourful art style reminiscent of current indie hits like Ooblets, and its speedy action. Suffice it to say it's one to keep your eyes on when Jacqueline takes up arms against corporate evil on September 24.