The Steam Autumn Sale 2015 is now live

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The Steam Autumn Sale, known officially this time around as the Exploration Sale, is now live.

Why is it called the Exploration Sale? Because you can "discover thousands of great deals". Much like a giant baleen whale sifting the ocean for krill. Only in this instance the krill are actually surprisingly affordable games. And the water is the internet. Or Gaben's secret bank account. I might be reading to much into the accompanying promotional image, honestly.

Among the front-page bargains are Darkest Dungeon for $12/£9, the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for $7/£5 (or the standalone release for $2), Life is Strange complete for $13/£11, Cities: Skylines for $15/£11, Wolfenstein: The New Order for $9/£5, or The Night of the Rabbit Premium Edition for $6/£5. (Hey, I thought Night of the Rabbit was wonderful.)

As was reported last week, the Exploration Sale is offering no flash deals or daily sales. There is a category for "Today's Highlighted Deals," but those prices, like all others, will remain in effect until the sale draws to a close on December 1.

Andy Chalk

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