The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: How to conquer the rock climbing skill

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape how to rock climb
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The Sims 4: Snowy Escape rock climbing skill is one of the new additions in the frosty, Japan-inspired expansion pack. With 10 skill levels to master, and the intimidating peak of icy Mt. Komorebi waiting to be conquered, you'll want to get your Sims geared up and ready to climb.

But it's not immediately obvious how to plan a rock climbing excursion, or even how to find the rock climbing areas and make it to the top of the mountain. Here's a guide to help you out with beginning and finishing the treacherous climb up Mt. Komorebi and getting your Sims through all 10 levels of the new rock climbing skill. (And note: There are also new Snowy Escape cheats if you want to level up your skills with a few console commands.)

How to buy rock climbing gear

Buying Sims 4 Snowy Escape rock climbing gear

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Before you even leave your Sim's house, you'll want to prep for the climb. Start by ordering rock climbing gear, which you can do from any computer (oddly, it's unlike buying skis and snowboards, which can be found in vending machines). While you can climb without gear, your Sim is less likely to be successful and more likely to fall, which can result in injuries and even death.

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To buy rock climbing gear, click on a computer, select "More Choices..." then click "Order..." Next you'll want to choose "Adventure Gear..." followed by "Purchase Rock Climbing Gear." It costs 450 Simoleons. Once you've ordered it, the rock climbing gear will appear in your Sim's inventory.

This gear won't last forever—over time and use it will degrade, so before any rock climbing trip make sure it's in good shape or you'll need to buy a new set of climbing gear.

You should also purchase some food and other supplies before your climb—rock climbing is time-consuming so you should have some snacks in your inventory, and some first aid items in case of injury. You can stock up at the vending machines you find in Snowy Escape.

How to learn rock climbing skills

Practicing The Sims 4 Snowy Escape rock climbing skill

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You don't even need to be on the mountain to begin training. Using your computer at home, your Sim can learn about rock climbing techniques which will appear when using the "Browse" feature of your Sim's computer. This will begin to raise your rock climbing skills without ever leaving the house.

There is also a small practice wall you can use to train. It's located near the bunny hill of the ski slopes in the northern area of the mountain map. Practicing on this wall is another safe way to increase your skills.

Here are the 10 skill levels and what they unlock:

  • Level 1: Unlocks climbing small walls and equipping rock climbing gear
  • Level 2: Unlocks breaking point and courageous climbing, snow goggles
  • Level 3: Unlocks stretching and 'attempt climb' option for medium walls
  • Level 4: Unlocks 'chalk hands' action and new routes for medium walls
  • Level 5: Unlocks climbing suit and breaking point option for medium walls
  • Level 6: Unlocks ability to climb tallest walls
  • Level 7: Unlocks energy bar crafting, cautious climbing for tall walls
  • Level 8: Unlocks practice on tallest walls
  • Level 9: Unlocks protein bar crafting, courageous climbing of tall walls
  • Level 10: Unlocks coaching other Sims

How to begin a rock climbing event

Starting an event in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape to rock climb

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It all begins with a phone call. Rock climbing is a group activity, so you'll need at least one partner, and you can bring several others—your Sim can't go alone, presumably for safety reasons.

To begin the rock climbing event, click on your Sim's phone icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Choose the "Social" tab (it looks like a chat bubble) and pick "Plan a Social Event." Then, when your Sim takes out their phone and begins talking, scroll down to "Mountain Climb Excursion" when the menu window opens.

You'll need to choose an excursion leader (it doesn't need to be your Sim, it can be someone else you've invited) and at least one other participant from your contact list. Once you've done that, click the right arrow in the menu pane and then the check mark on the next screen. You and anyone you invited will appear at the Onsen Bathhouse, the starting point for your excursion.

How to successfully rock climb

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Once you're at the bathhouse, your group will head to the chair lifts, which will take them to the beginning of the climb. In the top left corner of your screen, a series of goals will appear. All but the top goal (which has your group reaching trail markers so you can progress to the next stage of the climb) are optional, but you may want to complete them for a safer and more rewarding climb.

For instance, a goal might suggest you check each Sim's climbing readiness and do some stretching exercises. That's not required, but it can lessen the chances of a fall or injury (or death). Stretching can also grant the Focused mood, which will help on your climb. To check readiness, chalk your hands, or stretch, click on your Sim and choose the action when it pops up.

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Trail markers, which you need to reach before the next stage of the climb is available, can be hard to spot—they're little signs sitting in the snow that are easy to miss. Zoom out and scan the trail, look for the climbing spots, and you should be able to see the signs amid the snow at the top of each rock wall.

A lot of time passes between each stage of the climb, so your Sims will quickly become hungry, tired, stinky, and need to use the bathroom. At the second stage of the climb there is a tent to rest or sleep in (or have sex in), and there are bushes along the way for your Sims to use the bathroom (or have sex in, if the tent wasn't exciting enough). 

You can make it through all three stages of the climb and reach the top of the mountain without eating, but it's a good idea to have some food with you to keep your Sims happy and energized (once you can craft energy and proteins bars, those will stave off hunger for several hours). Weather may change as you climb, too, so don't be surprised if you wind up in a blizzard. If your Sims are hurt, too cold, or too tired to continue, they may quit the climb and you'll have to try again another time.

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