The Sims 4 reveals Seasons expansion, release date set

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I cannot write or even think about The Sims 4 without picturing our Chris lovingly hugging a red panda. Look how content he looks. Perhaps he's just caught wind of The Sim's 4's latest Seasons expansion—which adds four weather-driven seasons, and lets you craft your own holidays. 

Seasons first made their way to The Sims in 2007's The Sims 2. Players of the current instalment have been pining for this expansion for some time, which is now due to launch next month. It brings with it four seasons; seasonal activities such as ice skating and summer pool parties, traditional holidays and player-customised celebrations, and a new gardening career feature.   

The following trailer dives deeper, against its own spin on Len's 1999 banger Steal My Sunshine:

The Sims 4's Seasons expansion is due June 22, 2018. 

In other Sims news, 'Boost Week' is go—a two-week period where players can triple their skill points. It runs now through June 7. More information on that lives here