The Sims 4 is giving some iconic NPCs a major overhaul

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EA has given Simmers their first glimpse at overhauls to major characters in The Sims 4.

The studio originally announced back in August that it would be giving certain "flagship characters" a visual update along with changes to lore and their personalities. In a livestream (opens in new tab) this week showcasing the new Kit and Neighborhood Stories (opens in new tab) feature, the team gave a glimpse into how progress on some overhauled NPCs is coming along.

SimGuruRusskii showed comparison shots for Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth, Dina Caliente and Nina Caliente. Both Bella and Mortimer have had features changed to make them look older, which makes sense considering they currently don't look much older than their teenage daughter. Mortimer may also get a new moustache, which SimGuruRusskii said should look "a little bit more refined, a little bit more elegant." The team is potentially considering adjusting Mortimer's skin tone.

Bella Goth's new concept also shows her with an adjusted skin tone, more closely reflecting her appearance in previous Sims games after years of whitewashing accusations (opens in new tab). She might be getting a new hairstyle too, which will look "a little bit more modern, a little bit more refined as well."

The Caliente sisters are also getting adjusted skin tones, with SimGuruRusskii saying how the two are "supposed to be kind of like, the concept between Spanish and Middle Eastern Arabic." The new concept brings both closer to their older game appearances, with the team intending to finally get rid of Dina's banana-yellow hair in favour of something more muted. Nina may also be getting a slightly altered hair colour to a more auburn-toned look. Both sisters are potentially receiving new outfits, making them look more "glam" compared to their current hot mess of 2014 fashion.

SimGuruRusskii says there's no planned release date for these changes yet, and that it's all still very much a work-in-progress. She warned that the concepts are still subject to change, but I'd guess that the general feel of each makeover won't change across characters.

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