The Sims 4 is 75% off, most expansions and game packs discounted on Origin

If dealing with a house filled with family members gets to be a little too much this Thanksgiving, you might want to relax by playing with a virtual house filled with virtual family members. Sure, they might pee their pants but you won't have to deal with uncomfortable political discussions, just the occasional word-bubble with a sailboat in it. This is an overlong way to tell you The Sims 4 is on sale for 75% off on Origin, and most expansions and DLC are discounted, too.

While the sale doesn't include the new Cats & Dogs expansion (shame, cuz I had fun being a terrible vet and trying to mate raccoons and cats), the Vampires expansion is 25% off and Get Together, City Living, and Get to Work are 60% off. A few game packs and bundles are discounted too (I'll just let you browse the full list).

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Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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