The Sea of Thieves launch trailer releases the Kraken

Just yesterday Rare gave us a tiny, less-than-a-second glimpse of the Kraken from Sea of Thieves, it's multiplayer pirate game launching on March 20. I wrote that the single tentacle was "looking nearly as tall as a ship's mast." Ha ha! Wrong. In the launch trailer for Sea of Thieves, which you can view above, the Kraken's tentacles (you can see a bunch of them now) are considerably taller than the galleon's masts. What a naive idiot I was yesterday!

The trailer mostly shows us things along the lines of what we've been seeing for months: plenty of ships, skeletons, pirates dancing and killing each other and trying on costumes and chasing pigs around—but then the Kraken shows up, multiple tentacles (with toothy mouths on the ends?) rearing from the sea, one even wrapping around the hull of the pirate ship itself.

We've been covering Sea of Thieves for a while now, so while you wait for next week you can check out our impressions of the first beta and what Rare has to say about character creation, what they're doing with player feedback, and of course the 'force of nature' called the Kraken.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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