Rare gives us a quick glimpse of Sea of Thieves' Kraken

After a few rounds of betas and stress tests, open-world pirate game Sea of Thieves arrives next week, and today we got a quick peek at its mysterious boss monster. Signing off a livestream on Twitch, developer Rare showed a quick montage of video clips: pirates, pigs, ships, and that ominous skull cloud that marks skeleton forts.

At the end, though, was a surprise: a glimpse of the fabled Kraken—or at least a part of it. One massive tentacle rears out of the water, looking nearly as tall as a ship's mast. Presumably, it's got a lot more tentacles where that came from.

Have a quick—a very quick—look below for yourself.

As for where in the game we'll encounter this Kraken (in the sea, we're guessing) and how we'll defeat it (it may involve a heck of a lot of cannonballs), we'll find out when the game launches on March 20.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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