The roguelite FPS Ziggurat goes free in the GOG Summer Sale

It's easy to forget in the midst of all this E3 madness, but other things are happening too. Things such as the GOG Summer Sale, which is now into its second week and giving away another free game: Ziggurat, a fast-paced roguelite FPS in the spirit of games like Hexen and Painkiller.

Along with the usual array of fantasy FPS firepower, Ziggurat gives players special abilities, perks, and equipment to keep things interesting. There's no inventory management involved, however, just weapon selection and health/mana to take care of. Levels are procedurally generated, and death is of the perma-sort, meaning (hopefully) a high degree of replay value and lots of ragequits ahead. 

Ziggurat will be free on GOG until 9 am ET on June 13, so grab it while you can. You might also want to check out some of the deals while you're there. For instance: 

There's a bunch of Star Wars stuff on sale too, if that's your thing. Spending a minimum $5 will also net you a free copy of Sunless Sea, while Rime comes free at $20 or more. The GOG Summer Sale runs until June 18.

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Andy Chalk

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