The PC Gamer Christmas Gift Guide

Absurd Luxury Items

Boy, this escalated quickly. There might be one or two of you who can afford a private island, and for those that can might I point out you're looking particularly attractive. You must be working out. For those that can only look on this stuff and dream, fear not. I hear it on good authority that "money isn't everything" and that things are fine "as long you still have your health". My friends from school keep saying so on their Facebook statuses.

Samsung MD Monitors

If you rock more than one monitor, you'll be a hater of the bevels. The answer to that hatred is these specially designed monitors from Samsung, mounted together with thin edges to allow you to take to six-screen gaming like a duck to Walter. What? Yes, you're right. Water makes much more sense.

Samsung: 6 together on a mount is $4,400 / £3000

T1 Simulator

This motion simulator comes with configurations that let you select cars or planes, a 180 degree screen and projector. All you need is a PC and a copy of the original GTA, to ironically play a top-down driving game in a motion-capable chassis. $27,000 / £16,500

bitplay BANG!

The best lamp, EVER! Right, so when you want to turn this lamp off you have to shoot it with a gun peripheral and it'll play dead. That means it'll slump forward and switch off. This is a brilliant idea and nothing can go wrong. $300 / £187

Dota 2: Demon Edge Sword

In-game items are better out of game, which is why Valve have allowed Weta to build the Demon's Edge sword, a real fricking sword from Dota 2. It comes with a wall bracket, so you don't need train a child to hold it up for display purposes.

Weta Workshop: $300 / £187

TriForce Mass Effect 3 Predator

If your neighbour has bought that Dota 2 sword, you can one-up him with this replica gun from Mass Effect 3, the M3 Predator Red. Sure, it's not a real gun, but it costs more than the sword, and it can be used to roleplay robberies at your local bank. Just call ahead to make sure they're cool with it.

Project TriForce: $400 / £252

Koro Island

Go on, indulge yourself. For only 25 million, you can have Koro Island in the South Pacific. What good is it to a gamer, you ask? Have you ever played Just Cause 2 and wondered how accurate it is? Well now you'll know.

Private Islands Online: $25,000,000 / £15,768,900


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