Jeff Kaplan is sitting in front of the Overwatch Yule Log again

Update: The Overwatch Yule Log livestream is over. Fortunately for everyone who missed it (or who'd like to enjoy it all over again), the full eight-hour show is now available on YouTube, which we've embedded for your convenience below.

Original story:

Remember the 2017 holiday season, when Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan dominated Twitch by sitting in front of a fire for ten hours? It returned in 2018, this time with a number of different "hosts," including Kaplan, and in 2019 it'll be back yet again.

What can we expect for this year's festive season? Kaplan will once more park his ass in a luxurious armchair upholstered in what is surely the finest Corinthian leather, but otherwise it's a mystery. The 2018 Yule log featured appearances from McCree voice actor Matt Mercer, D.Va voice actor Charlet Chung, and caster Soe Gschwind, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the guest-cast lineup expanded even further this year. That's how these things go, after all.

The Overwatch Yule Log, and those who sit in front of it, will be viewable on Twitch. A start time hasn't been announced, but we'll let you know when the fun—which is to say, the sitting quietly, occasionally sipping hot chocolate—begins.

Andy Chalk

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