Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan is sitting in front of a fireplace, and you can watch (Updated)

The holidays are almost upon us, and Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan is embracing the festive feeling by sitting in front of an open fire, doing nothing. Occasionally he folds his fingers, or looks pensively toward the ceiling. That's pretty much it. And he's been doing it for the past several hours. Seriously. 

The most action-packed moment I've seen so far occurred just a few minutes ago, when the fire went out. Kaplan, clearly annoyed with his support team, clapped his hands sharply, and an unseen lacky made with the fix.   

According to Polygon he's been at this since around 11 am ET, which means he's been sitting there for about five hours so far. (It may be a loop, but why spoil the fun?) No talking to fans, no playing Overwatch, no stuffing his face with milk and cookies. Just... Jeff. Sitting there. At the time this was posted, 39,000 people were watching him do it.

Happy holidays!  

Update: He now appears to be playing Hearthstone. 

Update 2: He stopped. 

Update 3: At approximately 5:20 pm ET, Kaplan ate a cookie. He appeared to enjoy it. We'll keep you posted.

Update 4: And finally, it is over. If you missed it live, or want to re-live the glory, you can catch all the "action" on demand below.

Andy Chalk

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