The Ooblets winter update adds chilly weather and a new penguin pal

Badgetown covered in snow
(Image credit: Glumberland)

The cute critter-collecting game Ooblets  is getting its second seasonal update that will introduce winter-inspired features to the land of Oob. Glumberland tweeted details of the update, writing that it will include new resources, new items, some chilly weather, along with some hints about a new creature you'll be able to befriend.  It looks like we'll be hanging around with a penguin soon. 

The tweet was accompanied by a short trailer showing snow falling on Badgetown and a player avatar wrapped up in cosy winter-worthy clothing. The town's ooblets in the video don't seem to be bothered by the change of weather and are just as chipper as ever. You can expect it on December 8. 

This doesn't mean that Ooblets' Halloween update will be replaced. Nullwhere's creepy swamp region, crops, characters and ooblets will still be accessible. If you're still after a specific spooky ooblet, don't worry, they aren't running off anywhere.

Unlike the Nullwhere update, the new update will not include an extra region for players to explore. Fans have been curious about when the game's final region will be released, and it looks like there are actually a couple more being put together, to be released as it works its way to the 1.0 launch. 

I loved Ooblet's last seasonal update, and whenever new content is released I can't help but fall back into my task-ticking farming routine. I'm also keen to find out what this hinted penguin-themed ooblet will be. There's always room for one more in my dance squad.

Rachel Watts

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