The latest Humble Bundle is Mighty and Magical

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic orc

The only Might and Magic game I ever got into was Dark Messiah of, probably because it was the only one of the bunch that let me boot orcs off of cliffs. But instead of launching into my usual diatribe about how grossly underrated it is (and it is), I will instead simply note that it is one of many Might and Magic games now available in the latest Humble Bundle.

For the minimum purchase price of $1, you get Heroes of Might and Magic II: Gold Edition, HoMM IV: Complete Edition, the Might and Magic 1-6 Collection, and the Might and Magic Heroes Online Angel Starter Pack.

Beat the average, currently a little over $9, and you'll add HoMM V, Might and Magic Heroes VI Gold Edition, the grossly underrated Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (chosen as one of 12 PC games with amazing combat!), and Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes with the I Am the Boss DLC.

Finally, those who pay more than $15 will also take home Might and Magic X Legacy and The Falcon and the Unicorn DLC, HoMM 3 HD Edition, Might and Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness, and the Might and Magic Duel of Champions Starter Pack.

That is a whole heaping pile of Might and Magic, but even more games will be added to the "beat the average" package on May 5. Funds raised will go to support the American Red Cross, Charity: Water, and Doctors Without Borders, with the usual option to throw nickels at Ubisoft and the Humble folks. The Humble Might and Magic Bundle will be around until 10 am PDT on May 12.

Andy Chalk

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