The gaming laptop — without the glitter

If you’re looking for a great gaming PC, your options tend to be limited to the true enthusiast models—fine rigs, of course, but big and brash, and not often falling within a sensible budget. This is where the Dell Gaming range comes in.

If you’re looking for performance within the range of an enthusiast laptop system, a machine you can travel, work and consume media with—but at the same time something that doesn’t scream "I'm a PC gamer and proud!"—Dell Gaming hits all the right notes.

The Dell Gaming range offers subtle design alongside gaming-centric core components. It’s just an inch thick, but inside you’ll still find quad-core Intel Core i7 CPUs at a variety of speeds, up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, discrete Nvidia GTX graphics cards and a range of SSD options to suit your needs. Screens are all 1080p as standard, but the options are available to upgrade to a touch touchscreen, or even 4K.

These gaming laptops are tailored to the needs of enthusiasts, with aggressive performance design alongside the top-performing parts. With incredible rear exit cooling vents working with large, dual cooling fans, heat is removed efficiently and quietly—and everything, noise and heat, is kept away from you. Front-firing speakers and a dedicated subwoofer—alongside Waves MaxxAudio Pro—offer incredible, immersive sound no matter what you’re running on your machine.

You’re also set when it comes to connectivity: USB 3.0 comes as standard across the range, as does an HDMI connection, allowing you to hook your machine up to even bigger screens for home entertainment.

Other features come in the shape of a full-size backlit keyboard, a massive service bay door, bright anti-glare display options, and IR camera functionality. A 74 watt-hour battery powers all this hardware, so you’re not going to run out of juice before you’ve taken down that pesky opponent in your way.

Dell Gaming’s Inspiron range has been tested thoroughly to ensure it offers the absolute best—and most robust—quality you could hope for. The laptop hinge has been bent  and twisted more than 20,000 times, the power and multimedia buttons hit in excess of 40,000 times, and commonly used keys are tested over 10 million times.

Of course, Dell is also home to the fantastic range of Alienware PCs and laptops—and nothing is changing there. Instead, Dell Gaming is positioned for gamers who want power and reliability without stretching their budget too far. The Inspiron laptops still offer the stylish look and solid build quality you’d expect from any Dell product. They’re the perfect model for those looking for a laptop that can handle everything everyday life throws at it—whether it’s work, listening to music, watching movies or anything else—as well as carrying enough of a punch to run the biggest and best modern gaming has to offer.

If you’re a PC gamer who loves games, but doesn’t quite have the time or budget to make them your sole desire and pursuit, Dell Gaming and its Inspiron range has you covered.

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