The first Minecraft Dungeons DLC is Jungle Awakens, due July

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Minecraft Dungeons will receive two DLCs as part of its Hero Pass, and the first of them has been revealed on the Mojang blog. Called Jungle Awakens, it's a three-mission adventure set, yes, in the jungle. New weapons, armor, and artifacts will all be included as well as new enemies like the leapleaf, poison quill vine, and jungle zombie. It's due in July.

The second DLC hasn't got a date yet, but it's called Creeping Winter and will be released later this year. All this information matches a leak from a week ago, which included screenshots of Creeping Winter featuring a polar bear as well as some cold and unhappy zombies and creepers.

As well as the DLC, Mojang are working on patching in cross-platform functionality and some "cool new free content".

Our reviewer enjoyed Minecraft Dungeons, summing it up as "the perfect introduction to dungeon crawlers for beginners and a breezy adventure for veterans. It doesn't have anything in particular that makes it stand out, but it's a fun, streamlined take on the dungeon crawl genre."

Jody Macgregor
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