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The final Blasphemous expansion just released, and it's free

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The third and final expansion for Blasphemous, the extremely morbid metroidvania, has just launched, and it's designed to connect with the confirmed 2023 sequel. The free download apparently offers a new "fate" for the world of Cvstodia, in order to neatly lead into the events of the next game. In other words, it sounds like the base game's finale will receive a thorough retconning in order to accommodate the sequel.

Wounds of Eventide adds new levels, bosses, items and secrets, so it'll be worth diving back in. Based on the launch trailer above it looks like these new areas are going to provide a stiff challenge, so you'll probably want to have completed the main game first. Still, all the grim markers of Blasphemous are there: grand decrepit ruins, a tree with a miserable face, and a massive serpent with a gross snail for a tongue.

Blasphemous has been well-supported since its 2019 release: across the first two updates it received a New Game+ mode, a hardcore 'New Torment' mode, as well as a 'Demake Area' inspired by ye olde 8-bit platformers. Oh, and Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is playable in the game too, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense in lore terms, but lore shmore.

All those additions might serve to address one of our reviewer's main problems with Blasphemous, namely that at launch it lacked "depth and variety." Still, I loved it. If you're eager to jump in, Blasphemous is currently heavily reduced on Steam.  

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