The Escapists 2 unveils wild west-themed map in new in-game footage

Team 17 and Mouldy Toof's The Escapists 2 was revealed towards the end of last year, when it promised improved visuals over its forerunner and a host of new features—including  multiplayer. Its latest trailer shows off new prison Rattlesnake Springs in motion and offers a glimpse at what we can expect when the sequel comes to PC later this year.

Let's have a wee gander at that first, shall we?

Like its predecessor, the aim of the game here is to jailbreak with as little resistance as possible. New methods of doing so befall The Escapists 2—such as using knotted bed sheets as makeshift ladders to vault prison walls, and crafting new kit such as tasers to take out guards. Multiplayer takes the form of both split screen and up to four player co-op and versus, while character customisation has been reworked to allow for more personalised avatars. 

And if you struggle to break from confinement, players can engage in new activities within prisons—such as painting and joining bands. 

No concrete launch date yet, however The Escapists 2 is due at some stage in 2017.