The Epic Store is beginning to support cloud saves

(Image credit: Future)

Moonlighter and This War of Mine went free for the week on the Epic Games Store today, and it didn't take long for the sharp cookies on Reddit to notice something interesting: The Moonlighter settings menu has a toggle for a "cloud saves" option. But the Epic Store doesn't support cloud saves yet—or does it?

The answer, as of today, is that it does, a little bit. 

Epic Games rep arctczyn noted in reply to the Reddit inquiry that This War of Mine also offers the magic of cloud saving. "Support for cloud saves will be coming to additional games soon," they added.

Cloud saves have been planned for the Epic Store for a while. The functionality was originally scheduled to arrive by mid-June, but was pushed back to July on the EGS development roadmap back in May. The toggle to enable cloud saves is available from the settings menu in the EGS launcher, rather than from within the games themselves, and defaults to being enabled.

Andy Chalk

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