For Honor and Alan Wake are going free on the Epic Games Store

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The latest round of freebies from the Epic Game Store—This War of Mine and Moonlighter—are now yours for the taking, and yes, it's two games this week rather than the usual one. Epic explained last week that it's making two games free this time around to ensure that everyone gets at least one. 

This War of Mine is rated M (Mature), which means that it may not be accessible if the store's parental controls are engaged. The E-rated Moonlighter ensures that nobody goes away empty-handed, and Epic said at the time that, going forward, "we will also offer another free game that will be more accessible to players of all ages."

Epic also announced today that next week will be a two-fer freebie deal too, with For Honor and Alan Wake going up for grabs. The distinction between This War of Mine and Moonlighter is obvious enough, but I'll be honest, I had to check the ESRB website to find out which of next week's games is the lower-rated alternative pick: For Honor is a multiplayer combat game about bashing medieval bros in the face, while Alan Wake is a twisted psychological thriller about an author battling the shadowy agents of the Dark Presence as he searches for his missing wife and tries to unravel the mystery of a missing week.

The answer? Alan Wake is the family-friendly selection, rated T for "blood, language, use of alcohol and tobacco, [and] violence," while For Honor gets the big M for "blood and gore, [and] intense violence."

This War of Mine and Moonlighter are free until August 2, at which time For Honor and Alan Wake will go on the block until August 9.

Andy Chalk

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