The eGames invites teams to battle for national pride in Rio

egames rio

The International eGames Committee has launched an initiative to add the missing ingredient to live esports events: national pride. The eGames will be a non-profit, medal-only competition to which every country is invited. Currently, 'eTeams' Britain, USA, Brazil and Canada are in the running (clicking?).

It's inspirations are clear—honestly I'm surprised it wasn't dubbed the eLympics. The first bouts will take place during a two-day event in Rio De Janeiro to coincide with the 2016 Olympic Games. What the mixed-gender teams will be playing is unspecified, with more details to follow later this month.

I'm completely non-partisan, of course.

I'm completely non-partisan, of course.

“We plan to take the very best practice from the sports world and bring it to competitive gaming. Our ambition is to bring credibly to the sector, dignity to the players and inspiration to the spectators,” chief marketing officer Chester King said.

Credibility may have been achieved already. The eGames has the backing of the British government, with Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey appearing at the announcement to say a few words, surely making him the first Conservative politician to have used the word 'esports'.

How do the eGames strike you? Are eLympians something competitive gaming needs to maintain its momentum?